What’s for breakfast?


If you’re like me, you start to wig out right around now if your clothes are still just a bit too snug from all that wintry holiday-y goodness that comes in the form of repast. So out come the running shoes and active wardrobe. The ole sturdy two-wheeled steed gets a tuneup. And the grocery lists and menus get updated.

Back to topic: what’s for breakfast? Today it was greek yogurt, fresh strawberries, a touch of grade B maple syrup (did you know it contains the same mineral content as Grade A, but 8% RDA of calcium per 1/4 cup serving, while Grade A only has 4% RDA of calcium?), sliced almonds, and raw oats.

It all added up to one heck of a delicious, filling breakfast with one health benefit after another!

So basically, a spring cleaning of eating habits gets a change up. First things first! Next up, incorporating family exercise.

What starts to change in your home with a change of seasons?

Thanks for stopping in!


image credit: gena perdue, Marin Farmer’s Market 2009

2 responses

  1. Awesome. Love the colors. The blue/red of the photo matches the design of the blog. Nice job.

    1. Aww shucks, Jason. I’m glad you like it. Those are the sweetest, most encouraging words I’ve heard all day. 😀

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