Time Out


Sometimes they sing sweetly, sometimes they lock horns. When they lock horns too often, it means we all need a time out.  There are many ideas around what a time out is. For us, it is literally time out. For all of us. Our last excursion when the sun began to visit was Point Reyes.


Out of the house, out of the loop, out of the craziness that life has become. Off the grid and into nature is what a time out is. Point Reyes provided the perfect backdrop to be literally off the grid and unwind. Out at Drakes Beach there was a payphone: a real live analog ground line. The sign next to it was quite an amusement. I’m torn between which free call option I like best:  Receive God’s Blessings, Help Finding a Job, or that Chase Bank was the option listed first.

These time outs have been the most effective medicine to unpeaceable behaviors. I am also finding that as these time outs routinely find their way into our family rhythm, the locking of horns is a less frequent form of release.

What are your habits at home that help tame the bull?

See you soon!



all images, courtesy of my iPhone.



3 responses

  1. I just try to emit a mellow energy and crack down whenever things seem to get out of hand. The time out seems like a pretty good tool but I have even had success with simply trying to appeal to their rational minds. If I say that something wasn’t okay and explain why and then say that we should all just chill, they sometimes go for it.

    Luckily, I don’t have anything permanent and only take my nephews for a few days here and there. So, if it does get crazy, I only have to hold out so long.

    1. This sort of time out isn’t always possible, is it? Homework, making dinner, and other life scheduling gets in the way. If we can’t just pack up, in my best moments while someone experiences a growing pain, I am quiet and let it pass. It’s really hard to bite my tongue though. I will lean on the sentiment of only having to hold out so long in these cases. And when that doesn’t work, we try to employ the attitude of “Tomorrow is a new day.” Ratio of success in a year? Probably 25:340. 🙂

      1. Clearly. If anyone has ever claimed that parenting is easy, they are dead wrong.

        I wish you the very best of luck.

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