When Life Gives You Lemons

image: gena perdue@home

You squeeze 4 into a glass, top with a cup of fresh orange juice, and toss it down the hatch. For more energy in your day, do this and the recipe at the bottom. Zip!

A few days ago I was feeling quite sluggish. Was I catching something? Was I dying? I couldn’t pin it, but my body went to sleep at 5 one afternoon and wouldn’t let me reemerge until 6am the next morning. This is odd for me since I always have something to do and thirteen hours of downtime could sink the ship. It’s a luxury to be able to do so, of this I am quite aware. Have you ever had that experience where it just wasn’t a choice? Well, that’s what this was. I must have really needed the rest.

I took the cues from my body and decided change was in order. On my list of things to pick up after school were lemons or limes or both. When I arrived to pick up kids in the afternoon, I discovered we had a homework task to do at a friend’s house. And off we went. While the kids were tasking, serendipitously my fellow Mama picked a ton of meyer lemons and gave them to me. What? How’s that for an answer from the universe?

I have a ton more energy ever since I have replaced my regular coffee habit with the citrus cocktail in the morning and half hour later enjoying the following recipe:

Fill a mug to an inch from the top with boiling water. Put in a heaping teaspoon of Inka, a teaspoon of regular coffee, a splash of milk, and a swirl of agave syrup. Heaven in a mug.

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