Before Thanksgiving last year I had decided that December would be the month that I experimented with ignoring Facebook. I wasn’t crazy popular – hardly, but I had a nice collection of just under 500 friends after I had whittled out the ones that I had never even met. And I really enjoyed seeing what they were up to, getting private messages and emails, and participating in engaging threads. So what’s the problem? I wasn’t being productive. In real life.  I wasn’t running, I wasn’t making art and I wasn’t socializing. I was Facebooking and I was frustrated.

So I took a break. I didn’t delete my account, but I just didn’t log on. For a month. During that month I read more than 2500 pages that included the following: The Help, The Invisible Bridge, The Social Animal, Simplicity Parenting, and My Dear Friends in America, and that’s not counting the many children’s books we are so fortunate to have.

In addition to rekindling my passion for reading, I got more organized, and dramatically more systematized. Just like my old self, when I ran an office here in the early to late 90s. I found new money management tools which I am so tickled by, but that’s for another post.

So, did I log back on? I did. After three months. But I haven’t really been there. It looks like my efforts to make change resulted in a win back of my time. I still like Facebook, but I just devote a lot less time to it.

Another good example of how sometimes saying no to something just means saying yes to yourself.

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  1. Great post Gena. I agree with you that saying yes to one’s self is another side of saying no to someone or something.

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