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Memorial Day Weekend

image: gena perdue handmade

Memorial Day Weekend is an interesting holiday. Wiki gives a comprehensive description of the holiday’s original intended purpose here. I once remember Memorial Day being a holiday where the banks, post office, and mostly everything were closed save for a nearby 7-11. Do you remember those days? Today everything but the banks, library, and post office is open, and on nearly every holiday. Twenty years ago, when friends and I would decide to have a cookout or a BBQ, we found ourselves out of luck if not planned in advance. Everything would be closed day of. It was a bummer, but we didn’t complain. We made due and went to the beach or park with another plan. Coming from a military family, it is interesting that Memorial Day seems like National Barbecue Day. But honestly, every Memorial Day, all of the friends of my parents and our extended family seemed to gather at our home and have a giant barbecue. And there was usually sports on the tele too. So really, it seems that even military families can behave as though the day were meant for something else. Most years, I take it as an opportunity to let everyone else who wants to be on the road for a three day weekend get out of town while I enjoy it with a little less traffic.

Yesterday morning was a strange blessing. The kidlets were at their grandparents’ home overnight. Enjoyable peace, though admittedly there is an odd emptiness in the absence of early morning song of sibling rivalry. Hubby and I took the opportunity to catch up on our work and grab coffee at a local spot. On the ride over, we had a discussion about the purpose of Memorial Day, if we knew anyone lost in the many wars of the world, and even discussed draft dodgers a bit. I had no idea I was so passionate if not defensive for those who chose to join the US Armed Forces. It was surprising actually, but it shouldn’t be since most men in my family were once enlisted men.

We arrived to the coffeehouse having survived no traffic, no lines, no wait. Everyone had their own table and we ran into a friend.

Returning home, I finished the above summer themed quilt square which I learned here. Afterward I sat down to think of my grandfather and the many amazing stories I learned about him in my 20s. He lost his best friend in one of the wars, witnessing the man get his head and most of his upper body blown to smithereens. How does one recover from that? I don’t believe Grandpa ever  did.

An assortment of images and memes reminding us of the true purpose of the holiday here.

What was your holiday like?


Skate Date + Ham = Best Mother’s Day Ever


image: {gena perdue handmade}


image: {gena perdue handmade}

We walked and walked. And talked and talked. From the parking lot through the dell, through the grove and past the carousel, in Golden Gate Park. The weather was fair, our arms were bare. So perfect, nothing left to say. We were even home quite before dark.


New Beginnings

This is my diversion in between writing, marketing and organizing my sewing camp. It isn’t as long as it looks once stitched up.

So far I have two students. Yay!

Summer Camp Prep

Handmade today. 12×12″ Denyse Schmidt print napkins, home dec weight. Set of 4/$18.

Available soon at etsy or contact me.

Thank you.


gena perdue handmade