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Illin’ wid a Brass Monkey


image: consequence of sound

Even if I have never met them, when a public figure passes I mourn and reflect a bit, appreciate much. Though they weren’t interwoven into my personal life by way of their presence or a personal relationship to me, there are some that keep finding their way into my everyday. This one is particularly hard.

During the notoriety of Licensed to Ill, I lived with my combined family in the ugliest naval housing to date: Alameda, California. My combined family in a 4 bedroom apartment meant my brothers shared a room, my sisters shared a room, my parents shared a room (obviously), and lucky me, the oldest. I had my own room. Passing my brothers’ room was unavoidable since it was first down the hall. Thank goodness they were adorable and always good for a rib and guffaw.

During this time, 1987, I had just moved back home after living alone in San Diego a bit. My audio preferences were more Tones on Tail, Cocteau Twins, Siouxsie, Squeeze, Elvis Costello, and sometimes Madonna. My first experience with the Beasties was while passing my brothers’ room, hearing music and witnessing my brothers goofing off: dancing I think. And then every time I passed, it was the same activity and same music. Something had struck a chord because before that, one of my brothers had never expressed himself that way. This was when I fell in love. With a band. And their sound. For what they did to and for my brothers.

To this day, when I see my brother’s facebook posts or their photos come up when my iPhone rings or their photo icons in skype or photos I often browse through, a tune plays. And I see my brothers again, in their room in that crazy apartment, their new adolescence marked by faint odors of BO. It is 1987, when I moved from San Diego to live with my family again. I hear Brass Monkey. And I am 19 all over again.

Thank you for your musical genius. RIP, MCA.


Love, Time and Money

image: Little Miss Maggie

My last post was really a half post. Our film festival really ate my brain this year. In fact so much, that the book sadly fell to the wayside quickly. Reading was off to a good start, smart, sweet, funny – what’s not to love? I remember us reading books together when we first started dating. There seemed to be an Anne Rice craze around then and we decided to read Interview With The Vampire. Anyway, reading together reminded me of those times. Love was new, time was aplenty, and we needed less money. Back then we both worked on the Pacific Stock Exchange.

The time put into the film festival really paid off. Our ticket sales were up by 88% this year. That’s almost double! Could it have happened without the support of friends and family nearby? I don’t know.

Today we have two kids (three if you count the festival, she’s five just like our younger) and we both work in the arts. So Love is Huge, Time is Nil, Money is Gone.

And sew (hint) I have officially resigned as Filmmaker Liaison, Housing Coordinator, and Steering Committee member. A new beginning.