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:: Balance ::

image: thayer allyson gowdy

Today I designed something I haven’t designed in ages. A form. A printable form. To print. On actual paper. A financial management form. Much different from the picture above, but financial management guarantees a yield in more time for doing what I love most.

Years ago, beginning in early 1993 I worked in office administration for a member firm of the Pacific Stock Exchange. I worked my way up quickly from Temporary Receptionist > Administrative Assistant > Administrative Manager aka Executive Assistant. My first tasks on the first day was to station myself at the front desk, answer phones, sharpen pencils, greet customers, and log cash transactions. Those were easy enough to master. What I didn’t expect three weeks later was the offer to manage the upstairs operations with an exhaustive list of responsibilities I won’t bore you with here. Needless to say, learning everything lickety split quick and then devising new organization systems was the name of the game.

When I think of that time and how organized I was I can get frustrated because I don’t feel so organized now. Instead of feeling overwhelmed or dwelling on my glamourously organized life pre-children, I went back into the past and grabbed my tool belt and my big girl panties.

Here is a link to the new daily cash spreadsheet I’ve designed complete with updating formulas. You’re welcome to use it. Just send me an email and I’ll send you a copy for your own use. In addition, I’ll be using this to get my future in order.

How do you balance?

I’ll share favorite apps and tools for business and personal in a different post.

Thanks in advance for sharing!




Making Space for Work

Or is it, Working to Make Space, or Making Your Space Work?

Either way, the amount of clutter around my desk always seems to coincide with how effectively I work or NOT.

Because I have a variety of activities, it is imperative that my space serves multiple functions. I am currently all of the following:

Mommy, blogger, designer, online retailer, filmmaker liaison, housing coordinator, our household’s budget planner, the housekeeper, the playdate coordinator. Basically, the domestic engineer.

So, while my blogging, retailing, liaising, housing, budget planning, and calendaring needs are minimalist and can all be done here at the keyboard, how is it that I need so much space and that it quickly devolves from esoteric and peaceful to something that looks like it was left behind at a monster truck rally?